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Strangers in a Vreemde Land

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Welcome to our home page archive part 1. This archive hosts everything that was on our main site at Earthlink up until January 2000. Please browse around and see what we experienced in our first few months in the USA.

About our home page
This was the original manifesto as put up by Linda way back in '98:
    This is a life line to all the cuties back home. So, ja boet we're still pretty much going strong, you know.

Well, that's still true. But the page has also become something more. It's a link for our new friends to learn more about us, a place for everyone to share some of the cool stuff we've seen. And for those who were wondering about the title, "Vreemde" can be loosely translated from Afrikaans as "strange".

So who are Linda and Chad
One of us is a reluctant home executive the other a release engineer at Macromedia. We arrived in the USA in March of 1998 from South Africa, where we had just completed our studies at the University of Pretoria. Find out more in the section entitled Coming to America.

Many of the photos on these pages have come courtesy of the genius of Phillip Greenspun. We have followed the development of his site for many years, it's definately worth the visit. You can find him at

In addition, the nifty map on the travel index comes courtesy of

Anyway, so that's about it. Please, browse around and enjoy.
Linda and Chad

*Coming to America *Wherever I Lay my Hat *Our Travels

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