Las Vegas (part 2)

The Mirage, Harrahs and the Imperial Palace

The Mirage, adjacent to Treasure Island, has an erupting volcano, cleverly disguised as a water feature. On the opposite side of the street is the Imperial Palace which has the cutest old car and jukebox museum. Chad wanted the World War II Wiley's jeep, but I thought Liberache's vehicle with working chandeliers instead of indicators would make a bolder statement. All of the exhibits are on sale, if you can afford them.

. The volcano erupts and some more
The Mirage hotel at night.
Harrahs at dusk, can you even begin to comprehend Vegas's electricity bill? Harrahs in the evening


New York New York

Now somehow we don't have a decent frontal photo of New York New York, a hotel replicating the skyline of the city of New York, with the Statue of Liberty and all. Weaving it's way between the skyline is this crazy roller coaster, which mesmerized Peter, so Linda decided to accompany him.

This is the casino area in New York New York, note the hanging big apple on the left of the photo, and Lady Liberty doing a not so kosher Marlin Monroe pose in the foreground.

The slot machine aisles have road names, this is Wall Street. Here the slot exchange investors lose almost as much money as the ones on the stock exchange.

Caesar's Palace

This is Caesar's Palace at dusk. With all these water features and green gardens, it's hard to believe you are in the middle of a desert.

Caesar's Palace's Atrium shopping center was very cool, not only does it host the famous Cheese Cake Factory with about 15 kinds of cheese cake, but it had this massive wooden Trojan horse, about 30 meters high, at the entrance of the FAO Schwarz toy store. FAO Schwarz has the most gorgeous stuffed toys and the Trojan horse was actually a dark room, filled with glow in the dark toys.

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