Las Vegas

In March, we took a weeks vacation and visited Vegas (Peter Phillips joined us for two days in Vegas) and the Grand Canyon. It's kind of ironic that we were crazy about Vegas and very disappointed in the Grand Canyon.

Vegas has many parts and the South Strip is, in Linda's opinion, the place to be. The South Strip is the 'new' section of the strip with marvels like the Exculibur, Luxor, New York New York, The Venetian and Belagio. The thing wedreaded the most about going to Vegas was the vibe at gambling places, desperation, despair and greed all mixed in one. We're glad to stay that that vibe was not prevalent on the strip, but it was very overwhelming just off the strip. We think the reason for the lack of this horrible vibe is that Vegas has much more to offer than just gambling and "adult entertainment".

For example, there are roller coasters, museums and galleries of all types and sizes, game arcades (Chad's ambition is to be a good pinball player when he grows up) and brilliant shows. A lot of people come shopping in Vegas as you can do that till you drop. We had a small gambling budget, but alas did not win a deposit for a house, but it did not stop us trying. Most of our time was spent either gawking at the theme driven hotels and surroundings, or over eating on the astounding buffets, after walking yourself silly

What comes next are some pics and discussion regarding some of the hotels on the South Strip. Click on the small picture to open a larger picture in a new pop-up window. Clcik on the photo in the pop-up window to close it.

The Excalibur

Exculibur was fun, full of knights in shining armour, some dragons and all things medieval.

Excalibur in the day time
Excalibur at night or is it knight, twice as bright!
Peter and Chad taming the dragon… a purple one, just for Ondine.

The Luxor

Engineering wise the Luxor is just awesome. Even the plant containers have hieroglyphics. The attention to detail in the décor in Vegas blew our minds.


The Luxor's exterior consists of black glass, and if you ever thought you had a mountain of work, spare a thought for these full time window washers.

The main entrance to the Luxor

Trying to capture some of impressive interior walls

At night the tip of the Luxor beams a light skyward so bright that it is said to be visible from space. But what's even cooler is the thousands of bats that gather for the bug buffet. (they're the bright specks in the beam)


Treasure Island and Alladin

The Treasure Island hotel has a free pyrothechnic pirate battle show every day. The story is that this is a battle between two ships (the pirates and the British), with canons and pyrotechnics galore. The pirates eventually merge victorious after causing the British ship to sink.

The victorious pirates accept the favour of the crowd as their rightful reward.

In this photo, the people in the foreground are gathering for the pirate show, but just take a look at the exterior of Treasure Island covered in restaurants and quaint little themed shops.

Talking about themed shops, look at the stores in Aladdin.

The area is enclosed under the skies of Arabia where thunderstorms occur indoors, with rain in designated areas. If only we could control our thunder showers like that

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