Mt Shasta

Mount Shasta is on the northern border of California. Linda has had this desire to go and play in fresh snow ever since we landed in the USA. The year before (as in 1999/2000) we trekked to Yosemite in December, but alas it was the first time in 15 years that it had not yet snowed by that time. So, determined to see snow, we set out North in February…

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Standing on a golf course we get our first clear view of Mt Shasta (No golfers around as it would be kinda hard to find your little white ball.)  
Accessing your tjorrie in the morning includes some rigorous activity often aggravated by snow plows that come by in the early mornings keeping the roads clear.
The thing the Ullman's did not do, as the bums would have been numb, so instead we watched while drinking some hot chocolate.  

Nog a mooi bergie met 'n wit kop doekie
And we thought it's tough to walk on the beach…!!!!!!  
…and the "tone" get cold and wet too, that is when you're not water proof.
Building a snowman is not as easy as it looks, firstly the snow was so fresh that it was powder and would not compact. We of course had no protection for our hands either so it really hurt like hell…
Our fist attempt at a snowman was this tiny pinnacle that looked rather phallic, so we took a photo with our asses in the snow instead. (see the aborted snow thingie to the right of Linda's shoulder).

With Grace's knitted keppie on Chad looks a little bit like Skollie. The redness on this tronkvoel's arms is due to playing in the freezing snow, cause yes we remembered the suntan lotion even at 6 degrees Celsius.
On a perfect blue sky day, Frosty, my other snowman, the one that never stands still, roams the earth and then reluctantly poses for a photo.  
The little town of McCloud, where we stayed has the cutest little park with benches and all…when you can find it.
Here's the spot to build our snowman, this time we have bags to protect our hands to some extent.  
The snowman construction (the lump at my feet) gets delayed by striking snow fighters, objecting to inadequate working conditions.
The fresh snow was very powdery and we had to down size our snowman to a little snow buddy… but he's all our creation.  

Going down to Snow Buddy's level

The parents, Chad and Linda Ullman proudly introduce their first..Snow Buddy.  


All in all, the contrasts were astounding, the beauty indescribable, we had a magnificent time, and a Jacuzzi in our room!