Grand Canyon

After two days in Vegas (which is in the state of Nevada), we rented a 4x4 and drove past the Hoover Dam to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Although the canyon is very beautiful, one could not become part of it. One had to catch a bus to ride on the rim, no private cars allowed.

For various reasons, vehicles can't descend into the canyon. One had to stay on top of the rim and get basically the same view 20 times over. If you had lots of $$ you could charter a helicopter or small plane trip through the Canyon. But environmentalists are trying to get that banned as well, due to the excessive noise pollution.

The only other option and most probably the only way to experience the canyon, is to do a 5 day hike. One has to hike with all your equipment in this rugged terrain, may not use local vegetation to make any fires, so you'll have to live of dried food and water… Not quite what we had in mind. So after only one day at the canyon, we packed up our 'goedjies' and headed back to Vegas.

Nevertheless, we were able to get a few nice photos. Click on the thumbnail image to open a larger version of the photo in a new window. Just click on the larger photo itself to close the pop-up window.