Cheers vir Eers
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Leaving the Cuties
One of the drawbacks of the Ullman adventures, is that a great deal of our hearts stayed behind with all the Cuties. So here's to all of you, we miss you guys.

   Now I am not going to list every cousin, Aunt and Uncle and family friend. I am just going to say that I have great family and family friends, the way they rocked up from all over South Africa in December 1997, bidding Chad and myself a happy future and farewell have provided me with some of the most wonderful memories of my life.

My sis and her hubby and their three adorable boys (Ivan, Duart and Eduan) and my folks are depicted below.

Ag, sweeeet!!!!

The three teddy musketeers

Ed and Shirley

   My family is of the extended type, spread out all over the world. Many of them came together to wish Lin and I well before our departure, for which I am very gratefull.

My sister Ondine is our lifeline to South Africa, sending us a constant stream of parcels and letters, filled with goodies and news.


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